CycloPure® may be the most significant breakthrough in studies of longevity and preservation of youth.
The unique CycloPure® active ingredient (Cycloastragenol, with new activation technology)  started to amaze world of science since the discovery of it's well-documented cells reverse-aging ability. 

Finally, it's available for YOU. In highest bio-available, a truly effective form of NEW CycloPure®.


(10mg Cycloastragenol, 99% Purity, 30 caps)

Recent studies show that CycloPure®:

Lengthens Short Telomeres
Repairs DNA Damage
Rejuvenates Aging Immune Systems
Increases Bone Density
Improves Biomarkers that Decline with Age

Every Product is Continuously Certified, and Laboratory Tested

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What can you expect during Telomerase activation?
Stable Insulin level
When the process of aging starts, your organs can be affected by fasting glucose and increased insulin. It can lead to illness like diabetes. It was discovered in a cycloastragenol study conducted in 2013 that when the pattern is reversed and all levels are restored it may be compared to losing 11 years.
Levelised Cholesterol
It has been proven by a research study from 2013 that a total amount of cholesterol decreased. The quantities of cholesterol of people under the program have reached a level which may be observed in people that exercise frequently and are on a diet. If the individuals would be already exercising we would see a further decline.
Blood Pressure
Hypertension has discarded after the first year. It was observed that while a person was aging, researchers expect the high blood pressure to flatten out or increase with time. It did not happen. The authors determined that the reversal of systolic hypertension may be compared to greater than thirty years.
Bone Thickness
Many individuals who participated in the 2013 research study, had their spine bone density measured out. It’s natural that as we mature the ~ 0.5% of our bone mineral density is lost. The topics increased their bone mineral density by 2%
Large bottle filled with 30 capsules of proven telomerase catalyst in humans, and you can get in now:
  • It’s Good To Start Just From One Bottle. In the large sized bottle, you can find 30 capsules of the maximum strength formulation. 
  • The Large Bottle Is Filled With The Most Pure Cycloastragenol. It’s 100% natural and highly absorbable 
  • The Only Human Telomere Tested Telomerase Activator. Research proves that Cycloastragenol is the only product out in the market which lengthens telomeres in people.

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